The most alternative food makes you thin and easy

The most alternative food makes you thin and easy

Guide: Spring diet to lose weight, the most alternative food makes you thin and easy.

The diet slimming method is no longer the traditional weight loss recipe for fruits, vegetables, vegetables and fruits. However, weight loss and slimming are not the same as “common sense” and can produce miracles. It’s just that these three alternative diet foods are not only amazing, but also surprised you.Let you eat from this weight loss diet and dare to “eat a meal.”

  1, the theory of carnivorous weight loss diet meat is to rely on fasting starch and sweets, so that the blood glucose is reduced, thereby stimulating the body to break down tiny, provide, to achieve a slight burning, weight loss purposes.

  However, during the burning of adults, the amount of “dialysis” in the blood increases and stimulates urination.

So in general, only part of the weight is unfortunate, and more than 50% is excess water.

Because the method is very simple, you only need to eat pure meat and a lot of vegetables, and you can stop losing weight if you don’t want to go hungry.

  Note: If you use pure meat for normal eating habits for a long time, your body’s plasma will be too high, leading to heart or blood vessel problems.

The human body produces harmful substances when it breaks down fat and protein, which greatly increases the load on the kidneys and liver. Long-term eating will lack sufficient water, and it is only suitable for monthly use.

In addition, the gastrointestinal tract is replaced by a large amount of feces in the meat, adapted to stimulate the faeces to become septic, and supplemented with a large amount of vegetables and water, will double the stimulation of intestinal peristalsis, so it is especially suitable for people with constipation.

  2, chocolate the body of the cocoa (theobroma) contained in the chocolate can relieve stress, people eat chocolate when they are anxious, can prevent overeating and lead to overeating.

Eating a small amount of chocolate on an empty stomach before a meal will satisfy you, and the amount of the meal will naturally decrease, lasting 4 to 5 days, to achieve the goal of slimming.

  Note: Avoid eating chocolate as a night after a full stomach or after a meal, because its energy will be immediately converted into sputum, and also should avoid eating snacks other than chocolate.

  3, ice cream slimming method using 1 cup of ice cream instead of daily dinner, because the ice cream contains milk nutrition, and a cup of 120ml ice cream only contains 250 kcal content, far less than the heat of dinner.

  Note: This method can not be used for a long time, so as not to cause malnutrition.

  Tips: delicious meat, high-calorie chocolate and the icy ice-cream have once refused to “sex” because of slimming, but now we can justify the “sense” of another type of slimming method.They eat it, and the miracle of losing weight can be relied on.