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Precision detoxification in summer to restore healthy and shiny skin

In the hot summer, the various toxins that disturb the body also become extremely active. Do you often feel tired, dull skin, edema, loss of appetite, and restlessness?

What do the beautiful people do about these difficult problems?

Do n’t worry, these are caused by toxins that can be called new killers. Here are various detox solutions. This summer, you must be the poison-free queen!

  Detoxification in summer to find healthy and shiny skin to measure toxins in your body?

  Want to know how much toxins are in your body?

Pass the following tests to check your body’s poison.

  1. There is no fixed time for three meals, often staying up late for overtime, takeaway and fast food are common.

□ Yes □ No 2, the whole body is prone to fatigue and soreness, and is accompanied by edema.

□ Yes □ No 3, the lower abdomen is always swelled, and annoying places are always involved in you.

□ Yes □ No 4, the skin’s immunity is reduced, the skin tone is always dull, the face is dull, and small acne will be patronized from time to time.

□ Yes □ No 5, eyes are always swollen and dark circles are unsolicited.

□ Yes □ No 6, sleep quality is not good and I always feel anxious.

□ Yes □ No. For the above six tests, how many do you meet?

If everything is there, then your poison is already very deep. It is time to clear the toxins.

  Where does all evil poison come from?

  If you want to expel all the evil toxins, you must first know its source, so that the detox battle will be beautiful.

  Environmental toxins: In summer, in addition to being resistant to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric pollution, we must also endure radiation from computers, photocopiers, and mobile phones. Over time, the accumulation of toxins has seriously affected our health, and our natural beauty has been greatly reduced.

  Food toxins: Don’t tell me, you never eat “poison” food in modern society, wait, poison food?

It sounds sensational, but it is full of our lives every day.

High lactose, high cholesterol junk food, various beverages containing dimers, pigments, and additives, as well as antibiotics, are more or less formed in our bodies, causing our normal circulation to become chaotic.

  Human toxins: For OLs who have been sitting in the office for a long time and lack of exercise, poor daily exercise has contributed to the accumulation of toxins.

Coupled with the greasy accumulation on the skin surface, old keratin and dirt are often ignored by us and cannot be removed in time, which will cause skin toxins to form long ago.

  Eliminates blemishes and removes blemishes and removes old horny pores. Breathing freely. Have you recently felt that your work pressure is particularly high? The residues of sweat and makeup always affect your image of high quality OL?

Helpless you are always lamenting the mirror: the skin is getting rougher and rough, no matter what skin care products you rub, it is difficult for the skin to absorb, and annoying acne comes from time to time to patronize.

Don’t worry, experts tell you that these are all evil toxins that can’t be cleaned thoroughly.

To change this situation, eliminate keratin and let the skin breathe freely is the top priority.

However, exfoliating is not as simple as you think. The horny cream must be used on the wet face. It is best to use circular massage. Generally, it will be OK about 5 times. The nose, chin, ear, etc. can be slightly enlarged.Or massage twice more.

  A reminder to the editor: Here ‘s another tip for the beauty OLs. You can add an appropriate amount of makeup remover to the horny cream and massage it. This will better remove the makeup residue. If you need makeup every day, this method must be the bestsuits you.

  Exfoliating product recommendation 1, LA MER sea blue mysterious crystal exfoliating cream 900 yuan / 200ml 2, Clinique like a new skin mask 520 yuan / 75ml 3, Avene exfoliating cleansing gel 178 yuan / 50ml summer detoxification victoryIn the light and hot summer days, the skin is prone to sweating, and the skin always looks greasy and dull.

Do you still follow the usual habit, the left layer and the right layer self-righteously strengthen the skin?

If so, you’re OUT.

In hot sauna days, long-lasting moisturization and cool and light use will add detoxification to the skin.

Too thick nutrition, it is easier to block pores, grow horrible blackheads, and the makeup effect will not last, especially for the eyes, it requires light and unburdened nutrition, otherwise oily particles will appear, so light gel and gelFrost content is the magic weapon to overcome summer toxins.

  Editor’s love reminder: Until now, a lot of girlfriends around me and a lot of people don’t know how to self-test the toxins in the eyes, so hurry up to help you die.

Use your ring finger to gently touch the under eyelid. If you feel sandy particles and the eye is always edema and dull, then your detoxification is imminent.

  Light and moisturizing skin care products recommended 1, Lancome Moisture Soothing Cream 620 yuan / 50ml 2, Estee Lauder fresh nutrition eye gel 480 yuan / 15ml 3, illume water muscle repair gel 200 yuan / 30g clever lymphatic massage precisionThe detoxification effect is fast. Workers who are 9 to 5 have more opportunities to encounter environmental toxins, and the body’s toxins cannot be eliminated from the body. At this time, experts tell you that lymphatic detoxification is a more effective detoxification method.I think that in the elegant environment where the music is low and wandering, in the twist of the fragrance, enjoying a gentle massage, the relaxed feeling after waking up is really beyond words.

  The lymphatic system is a scavenger in the body. If its circulation slows down, the evil toxins will gather and cause edema or constipation.

Now you can apply simple and easy lymphatic detoxification methods to make you non-toxic.First, align the entire face with essential oil and place the thumb on the center of the forehead, from the eyebrow to the hairline. Starting from the forehead, use your thumb to push from the middle of the forehead to the temple, and twist it on the cheek with four fingers.The nose wing is then moved to the sides to the ears; using your index and middle fingers, push to the side from the middle of your chin to the bottom of your ear and repeat several times.

  Editing reminder: Do you know that the best time for lymphatic detox is 9pm to 11pm?

At this time, the body’s immune system is most active.

At this point you calm down, listen to music, and try to keep quiet yourself, the immune system will obediently complete the detoxification work, so that your detoxification power doubles.

  Massage Detox Product Recommendation 1, Jurlique Lavender Massage Oil 2, Clarins Facial Lotus Essential Oil 3, Herborist Jasmine Aromatic Oil