Chinese people are best for white wine?


Chinese people are best for white wine?

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Editor’s note: Recently, one is called “Scientists think the amazing answer: Why do Chinese people drink white wine?

The WeChat article was widely reprinted in the circle of friends. The article talks about the fact that China’s human body is debilitated, so it is most suitable for containing hot white wine to achieve the body’s “yin and yang coordination”, and said that white wine can improve the declining physical condition of Chinese men.”, can also lose weight, decompression, increase appetite, is the best health care.

But, is this the truth?

Professor Lin Yin, the director of the Department of Health and Rehabilitation of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, from the professional point of view, categorized the “pseudo-Chinese medicine” and “pseudo-science” viewpoints, and clarified the nine rumors of “white wine health”.

The Chinese people are “dead cold” and the wind is “there is no heat”. The current Chinese people, regardless of the north and south, are mostly debilitating.


In a nutshell, I have never seen a Chinese doctor in ancient and modern books in which book said “Chinese body is cold.”

Most of the ancient Chinese are passive and vegetarian, and the absorption of animal protein is less. This is the truth.

But to be “virtual”, it is also qi and blood yin and yang, did not hear that light is yang qi.

Moreover, people and people are different. It is appropriate to see both “the road has frozen bones” and also the “Zhumen wine smell” (Du Fu’s “Going to Fengxian County, five hundred words” from Beijing), it is difficult to generalize.

The nutritional status of modern people is more reflected in the overall imbalance. According to the new edition of the Guidelines for Forecasting Chinese Residents, 2010?
The 2012 China Residents Nutrition and Health Survey showed that adults over 18 years of age and older were overweight.

1%, obesity 11.

9%, an increase of 7.

3 and 4.

8 averages.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, “the fat people are more damp,” and he insisted that “the current Chinese, regardless of the north and south, are mostly debilitating physiques”!

Regardless of whether the raw material is grain or fruit, it becomes hot after being brewed. 2 The red wine is the cold material of the wine, and the wine is also cold.


First of all, the grapes in the diet of Chinese medicine are flat and not cold; secondly, no matter whether the raw materials of the wine are the grain or the fruit and its original feeding habits, it becomes hot after being brewed.

Therefore, the Qing Dynasty doctor Zhang Mu bluntly said that “everything is hot” “there is no wine in the world” (“Tianji diet debate, volume II, various wines”).

Wang Mengying, a doctor of the Qing Dynasty, also said that no matter whether rice wine, wine or shochu (ie liquor), there is only a difference in the degree of eating and there is no essential difference: “Alcohol is hot, and shochu is more intense.”

“(“With the interest in the diet spectrum”) In addition, “Dream of Red Mansions” has seen more, remember that Bao sister advised Baoyu, saying that drinking cold wine will be hand-shake.

So, is this ancient wine a cold drink or a heat meal?

In addition to worshipping the gods and treating the disease, at least before the Tang Dynasty, the Chinese drink alcohol is cold.

In the article “Zhou Li Tian Guan Yi Zai路Food and Medicine” and “Book of Rites 路 Inside”, there is a saying that “drinking Qi (agent) depends on winter time”. Here, “drinking” means rice wine, “as winter time”That is to say, the temperature of the wine should be as cold as the winter; the “Chu Ci路Soul” and “The Songs of the South” are in the “Crushing Frozen Drink, Cooling” and “Qingxin Frozen Drink”.The description of the glutinous rice wine is also appreciated. It is both mellow and cool to drink. (Han Dynasty Wang Yi Note: “Frozen and cold, alcoholic, clear and fragrant, suitable for cold drinks.”

“The Song Dynasty Hong Xingzu explained: “But take the alcohol, live on the ice, and then drink it.

The wine is cold and cool, and it tastes good.

“), because of the hotness of alcohol, cold drink can correct some of its dryness, just right for many people to accept.

This also shows that, at least before the Tang Dynasty, the “physique” of the Chinese people was not debilitating.

This “physique” is not the “physique”, where is the Chinese man “persuade”?

Proverbs 3 The State Sports General Administration issued the “2014 National Physical Fitness Monitoring Report”, and the national national physical fitness indicators showed an upward trend, but the adult male physical fitness compliance rate dropped by zero.



The State Sports General Administration did indeed conduct national physique monitoring in 2014, and it does have poor data on adult male physique compliance.

But these monitoring mainly check the thickness of the flap, waist circumference, weight, hip circumference, chest circumference, height, step index, grip strength, vital capacity, closed eyes, straight legs, sitting flexion, vertical jump, push-ups, one-minute supineSitting and choosing a series of indicators, such as the reaction, here the physical (referring to physiology) refers to the individual’s body shape, function and quality, and the so-called “deficient physique” wind horse is irrelevant!
In addition, relying on drinking white wine to make men “higher, faster, stronger” is tantamount to asking for fish.

Studies have confirmed that alcohol absorption does not improve the physiological function during exercise. The ability of muscles to work after drinking may decrease. If continuous competition is carried out in a cold environment, alcohol may damage the body’s temperature regulation function; athletes who drink alcohol are more likely to fatigue.And dehydration, the score is worse in long-distance endurance projects.
In some sports with a speed of expert response, due to the toxic effects of alcohol on the nervous system, the potential of athletes drinking alcohol is inferior.

This “white wine” is not the “white wine”, “the longest medicine” is the rice wine rumor 4 white wine was originally “medicine” in ancient China, not part of the diet, the initial drinking is to treat certain snoring, such as chest, is now saidCoronary heart disease.


“Han路Food and Food” does have wine as “the longest of 100 medicines”, but the traditional medicine is rice wine instead of white wine.

For example, Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty, “Compendium of Materia Medica路Liquor” said that the raw materials, methods and concentrations of wine are different, but only the rice wine made from glutinous rice and white noodles can be used as medicine. “The wine has glutinous rice, glutinous rice, glutinous rice, millet, millet, honey., grapes and other colors, . wines are different, but rice wine into the medicinal “” into the medicine to make, special glutinous rice, made with clear water white noodles.”

The wine produced in this way is white and sweet, and the alcohol content is extremely low. Therefore, it is also called white wine or water wine, and the medicinal effect is excellent.

(“Liquor, my hometown is called water.”

. into the medicine and the patient drink, glutinous rice is the winner.

Can declare the drug power, pass through the meridians, promote blood and battalion, go up the top of the head, go outside the skin, bypass the end.

“Zhang Ji’s Diet Defense, Volume II, Wine”) In the Han Dynasty, Zhang Zhongjing’s “Golden Dragonfly” did have two prescriptions for treating “chest and heartache” – “Guayu Baibaijiu Soup” and “Guagu Baibaixia”Soup, is it 7 liters?
1 bucket “white wine” directly fried melon, white (ie wild garlic), Chinese medicine such as Pinellia, concentrated to 2 liters?
After 4 liters, let the patients drink in divided doses.

Fangzhong various medicines plus rice wine, Xin can be declared, Gan can slow down the pain, just right.

According to the ancient and modern scales, 10 liters equals 1 bucket, and 1 bucket in the Eastern Han Dynasty is equivalent to 2000 ml of the modern metric system.

How much does it use for 7 liters?
1 bucket, about 1400 ml metric?
2000 ml.

The so-called “Liquor and Spirits” refers to distilled liquor made from grains and fermented and then distilled.

Because of its high alcohol concentration, it is on fire. In ancient times, it was also called shochu or fire wine.

Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica路Shochu: “Shochu, pure yang poison, . with the same sex with fire, fire is burning, the same as the flame.

“Imagine that adding 2 liters of alcohol with 60% alcohol content to the above two parties is very rare and does not conform to the clinical situation.”

The key is that Zhang Zhongjing will not brew distilled liquor at that time!

“Auntie Liquor” out of the Western Regions, liquor and health care has not heard the rumors 5 liquor produced in China.


The original white wine was called 鈥淎bandoned Goods鈥?
called 鈥淎untie鈥?

Distilled liquor to the Yuan Dynasty before joining the Central Plains from the Western Region.

In the Yuan Dynasty, the Mongolian royal doctor Xu Sihui said that the wine was 鈥渃ooked with good wine and distilled into auntie鈥?

(“Drinking is going to be”, AD 1300)) Li Shizhen also said in the Ming Dynasty: “Fire wine, Ayiji wine.

“Shochu is not an ancient method, but it has been created since the Yuan Dynasty.”

(“Compendium of Materia Medica”, 1590 AD) “Auntie” is a transliteration of the Arabic “araq”.

Regarding the distillation method, it is said that the test and identification of the copper-burned (steamed) wine pot unearthed in Qinglong County, Hebei Province in 1975, should be confirmed no later than the Jin Shizong Dading Year (AD 1161), equivalent to the Southern Song DynastyIn the period of Xiaozong, this coincides with the saying that the shochu in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” “created its law from the Yuan Dynasty.”

“Debilitating physique” is the source of evil?

Nonsense is not enough to rely on rumors. According to Chinese medicine analysis, the most important of all kinds of chronic diseases is that most Chinese are debilitating.


The pathogenesis of tumors is mostly responsible for “qi stagnation and blood stasis”. The typical pathogenesis of splenomegaly or diabetes is characterized by “yin deficiency and heat”. The syndrome differentiation of modern cardiovascular disease is more complicated, and there is cold coagulation.There are also turbid bloody.

This “deficiency of cold” is the source of all diseases, just like the popular version of the “acidic physique is the source of all diseases” paradox, not worth a refutation.

“Shochu is pure yang, it is really yin, when you quit.

“Proverbs 7 ancient people used white wine to maintain health.

Wine is not only a medicine in Chinese medicine, but it is not suitable for long-term service.

According to the author’s statistics, most ancient medicinal liquors are not health care.

The ancients did not particularly “wait to see” liquor.

Hu Sihui’s “Drinking Meal” thinks that it is “hot and has a big poison”. Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” even refers to it as “pure Yang poison.”
鈥?”Drinking more fundamentally hurts the stomach, hurts the liver (biliary), sadness, and will soon die and die of death. “If you drink too much, you will lose your heart and hurt your heart, and even your heart will die.”
The old man of Zhang Mu is even more distressed to complain: the harm of the wine, the shochu is too much, the alcoholics will alternately bleed, and the acne will be painful.

You love to drink white wine, and it is so bad that it is so bad that the key is to waste food and harm the people. It is simply a big mistake.

(“Tune the diet defense, volume II. Shochu”: “Where the water wine is caused by shochu, and the sex is severe.”

Too much sip, there are seven bloody and dead, and two will bleed.

Or not to die and become a streamer, the pain is excessive.

However, the wine is cool and irresistible.

His zombie hits, hurts the spirit, recruits a singer, and hates evil, all of which are self-picked.

It is harmed by the world when it consumes food and sleeps.

“In the Qing Dynasty, Cao Tingdong pointed out that shochu would damage the true yin and must be quit: “Shochu pure yang, eliminate the true yin, when the ring.”
鈥?”(“鑰佽€佹亽瑷€路鍗蜂竴路椋熷搧”) Liquor weight loss is the opposite, “toasting more sputum” rumors 8 Chinese liquor, both to lose weight, but also decompression?


Drinking fat is almost the same!

Alcoholic beverages provide toxic energy, especially high levels of white spirits.

According to the “Chinese Residents’ Guide”: Each kilogram of alcohol contains 29 kilojoules (equivalent to 7 kilocalories) of energy, but this energy does not make up for men’s yang, but only adds a small amount of storage.

Although alcohol cannot be directly converted into feces in the body, it produces energy that can replace the energy produced by feces, calcium carbonate and protein in food.

When the absorbed energy is greater than the energy consumed, the body converts the energy provided by alcohol rather than other food sources into unfortunate storage in the body.

At present, according to relevant research reports, the daily alcohol absorption of Chinese men has reached 37.

9 g / day, far exceeding the recommended intake of the Chinese Nutrition Society below 25 g / day.

In the long run, if you have alcoholic cirrhosis, the level of male hormone (serum ketone) in serum decreases, and the level of estrogen (estrogen) increases, the severity of male feminization will occur: pregnancy development, subcutaneous growth, ChinaMen are even more miserable.

Drinking decompression?

Although the first generation of Cao Cao left a “how to solve the problem, only the Du Kang” famous sentence, but to the Li Bai in the Tang Dynasty, this rationale “鎺? came over: “The knife is broken and the water is more flowing, and the toast is more embarrassing.”

(“Xuanzhou Xie Yilou Collection School School Shuyun”) After drinking, the effect of “hangover” will last for more than 16 hours.

After being drunk and awake, due to alcohol toxicity, dehydration, etc., people may experience depression, depression and other emotions, and feel headache, thirst and susceptibility.

Therefore, pouring wine into wine is tantamount to drinking and quenching thirst. It is no wonder that a generation of wine celestial sighs.

Appetizing wine is a foreign pie, after drinking alcohol is an ancient rumor 9 white wine can be appetizing and digestion, increase appetite.


As the saying goes, “satisfaction”, drinking a cup of “aperitif” before meals, seems to form a “rule”.

In fact, the ancients drink more after the meal, “smear the seam” only, the ancients called “閰? (y矛n), is the meaning of using wine to gargle.

(Cao Tingdong: “The ancients drank alcohol, every time after eating.

“Yi Li” is the shackle.

“Old and old, Yan Yan, Volume I, Food”) Drinking alcohol after a meal does not harm the stomach, but also delays the absorption of alcohol. It can also control the amount of alcohol, which is a smart move.