[Edible value of sedge flower]_Benefit_Nutrition value

[Edible value of sedge flower]_Benefit_Nutrition value

The flower is mainly for viewing, but everyone didn’t imagine that the lotus flower can still be eaten because many Chinese medicinal materials are made from plants. If some flowers are edible, the taste will be very good after processing.The function of the sweet map can also clear the heat and treat pressure problems, so many people also want to try it out, and it has value on the use of lotus flower.

Can I eat it?

The lotus flower can be eaten.

Many plants can be used as medicinal materials or edible.

There are many ways to eat flowers, and different treatments have different treatment effects.

In daily life, we can accept a lot of scented tea brewed with lotus flower, which can break down the heat and dissipate phlegm and anti-inflammatory effects. It can also cure diseases such as high blood levels and high blood pressure. You can choose how to eat according to your needs.

The edible value of flowers is slightly cold, sweet, sweet, and has the effect of detoxifying soft stools. It also has a good effect in clearing heat and treating obesity. It treats constipation, colitis, pneumonia, bloodshot sputum, swelling and sores.Emphysema.

Flowers have a strong therapeutic effect, which can treat heart palpitations, lung palpitations, insomnia, lung heat cough, etc., and can alleviate the symptoms of high blood pressure and aunt’s high blood pressure.

Method of eating lotus root, scrambled eggs with lotus root[Materials]6 lotus root flowers, 4 eggs (or 8 quail eggs), 4 grams of salt, 3 grams of monosodium glutamate, 30 grams of vegetarian oil.

[Practice]① Wash and chop the coriander flower (fresh product), shred and break the eggs (quail eggs), add salt, monosodium glutamate, and stir together with the coriander flower powder.

② Heat the wok on the fire, add plain oil, and when it is 60% hot, add egg liquid, fry one side to golden, and then fry the other side.

[Efficacy]Clearing the lungs, relieving cough, reducing phlegm, suitable for heartache, vomiting blood, tuberculosis and other symptoms.

2. Egg flower soup[Materials]100 grams of lotus flower, 2 eggs, the right amount of oil, the right amount of salt, 50 grams of shiitake mushrooms, the right amount of chives, the right amount of medlar, the right amount of sesame oil.Mushrooms, chives, etc.

② Cut the coriander flower and chives into sections and slice the shiitake mushrooms for later use.

③ Rinse the water, rinse the lotus flower with water, rinse with cold water after washing the water, and rinse the sticky and slippery ingredients of lotus flower.

④ Boil water, add eggs, shiitake mushrooms, and then add coriander flowers that have been simmered in water, and boil.

⑤ Add a few medlars, and finally put green onions.

⑥ Add a few drops of sesame oil before leaving the pot.