Most Misleading Beauty Fallacy



Most Misleading Beauty Fallacy

In order to create a glamorous figure and a beautiful face, we have spent almost every effort: ancestral, secret, beauty advertising, mother-in-kind or girlfriend-recommended . all the tricks, we all believe,Everything is done in practice and put into practice.

Many erroneous beauty myths and tricks, some of which were popular for a while, were immediately forgotten, but some of them were passed on to the world, causing endless harm.

It’s time to expose these false beauty ideas!


Toward squeezing the acne directly, the skin has a lot of acne and its appearance is not good?

To make it unobtrusive, acne often just emerges and hasn’t matured yet, and you will impatiently squeeze it out immediately.

This is the “wonderful method” for people, especially young women, to eliminate acne.

As everyone knows, this squeeze usually brings you an unexpected danger: instead, acne squeezes deeper into the skin tissue and leaves severe scars.

  Expert Tip: Never use your fingers to squeeze acne directly!

Instead of steaming your face, wrap your fingers in a tissue and gently apply pressure to squeeze out the acne.


Perfume under the sun How dangerous is the combination of sun and perfume!

Because the gentle smell of sunlight and perfume are incompatible with each other!

  Expert Tip: This is a thing of the past, because the cosmetics market provides us with so-called “sun-proof” skin care products, that is, non-alcoholic perfumes.

Experts suggest that deodorants are best used in summer.


If you shrink frequently, your hair will become thick and beautiful, and you will often cut your hair to keep it beautiful and thick.

Do you really believe that you will visit the salon once a week?

But unfortunately, you will find that the hair has not become thicker because of this.

  Expert Tips: Hair grows fast or slow, and there are no external factors. The key is hair root, and hair growth is only responsible for it.

No matter how many times you have your hair, it can’t stimulate and cause the speed of hair growth.


The whiter your teeth are, the faster your teeth will break. Brushing your teeth with bleach-containing toothpaste will damage your teeth.

After you hear this statement, you will be more or less affected by it.

The appearance is: toothpaste with a luster effect and will not damage the teeth, can be used as a daily brushing with peace of mind.

Because the white pigment contained in this type of toothpaste not only thoroughly cleans the teeth, but also protects the quality of the teeth.

  Expert tips: Toothpaste for smokers contains decontamination particles. Excessive force when brushing will cause certain damage to the tooth surface. You should use it sparingly and less.

It is best used alternately with regular toothpaste.


Oily skin should be washed frequently Oily skin should be washed frequently?

People with oily skin are usually “greasy”, which is very unsightly.

Many people believe in this circulating beauty myth, and really think that the only way to deal with the “greasy” face is to wash frequently.

But in fact these results are exactly the opposite: the more the skin is washed, the drier, the more secretion of oil.

  Expert Tip: People with oily skin need only wash their face twice a day.

Use a non-soapy facial cleanser in the morning and evening to cleanse, and then apply a non-fat day cream.

For people in severe condition, it is recommended to use a full set of oil control skin care products, the effect will be more significant.
Can sunscreen makeup prevent sunburn?

Nowadays, many beauty cosmetics companies have launched a lot of makeup products with the function of filtering ultraviolet rays.

However, the anti-ultraviolet properties of these make-up products usually cannot overcome the resistance to the strong light, let alone the prevention of sunburn.

  Expert Tip: With sunscreen, you don’t need to put on any makeup, you can also fully enjoy the fun of sunbathing.

Therefore for sensitive skin, you should use a sun protection factor instead of a high product.