Morality after 50 years old, remember this sentence


Morality after 50 years old, remember this sentence

At the age of 50, we must learn to be better for ourselves.

The money spent should be spent, and the enjoyment should be enjoyed.

Hey, we can still eat and move, don’t want to be reluctant.

銆€銆€The children have grown up and believe that they can live their lives.

Children and grandchildren have their own children, Sun Fu, and he is a “horse” for his children and grandchildren.

銆€銆€We must live happily in the present, although every family has a difficult experience, we do not need to be ranked with others, fame and fortune, how children and grandchildren have a good future.

At the age of 50, we will live more happily, healthily and live longer than anyone else!

銆€銆€Everyone’s ability is limited, we are not superhuman.

For things we can’t change, we don’t have to be too fucked; worrying is useless, but it affects our emotions and physical health.

銆€銆€Funding still depends on ourselves, and we don’t want to fantasize about our children too much.

Our money, children think that it is a matter of righteousness for them; the money of their children is not our money, but it is more difficult to want.

銆€銆€To learn to find a playmate yourself, a friend is the best companion.

Filial piety has filial piety, but the work is too busy to accompany us anywhere, anytime.

銆€銆€After we are 50 years old, don’t use health to exchange for anything outside.

Money can’t be earned. Even if you earn it, you can only buy a bunch of drugs and you can’t buy health.

銆€銆€Happiness strives to create on your own, and happiness depends on finding it yourself.

As long as the mentality is good, every day there are happy things happening, you will be happy every day.

銆€銆€Good spirit, not sick; good spirit, good disease; good spirit, good illness.

So we have to raise our own spirit.

銆€銆€Have a good mood, exercise properly, have common sunshine, eat and drink, work and rest, and live healthily for forty or fifty years.

銆€銆€The real life begins at the age of 50. We must love ourselves and take care of ourselves.

Take the above 10 sentences and show them to your friends!