[How to make cakes in a rice cooker]_Making Cakes_How to make cakes

[How to make cakes in a rice cooker]_Making Cakes_How to make cakes

Don’t think that the rice cooker is just a decoration, mainly used for making rice. I feel that many people will use the rice cooker to make cakes. The rice cooker cakes are also soft and waxy, and the taste and nutritional value are very high.Bread will be more assured and safe. As long as you prepare enough ingredients, add the blended ingredients according to the proportion of the cake, and introduce it into the rice cooker to finish the cake quickly.

Spontaneous flour can be used instead of flour to make rice cooker cakes Spontaneous flour to make cake recipe Introduction Spontaneous flour is a kind of flour that can be directly fermented without any fermentation ingredients, because spontaneous flour contains baking powder, as long as the flour and water are adjusted in proportionWell, you can easily make white and fresh steamed buns and buns directly in the steamer. It is a kind of medium-gluten flour that is always available at home.

It is difficult for families to buy cakes with low-gluten flour for cakes. The spontaneous flour and corn starch prepared at home can be used instead of low-gluten flour to make cakes.

Material spontaneous flour, corn starch, eggs, sugar, milk powder, cream, various dried nuts, raisins, goji berries, peaches

Spontaneous flour (65%), corn starch (20%), milk powder (15%), mix well, and the amount of milk powder can be determined according to preferences.


Add sugar to the egg whites. Use an electric whisk to beat the egg whites. Puff the egg whites and stir in the egg yolks.


Mix the processed egg whites and yolks with a small amount of water.


Stir while adding the mixed flour.


Stir into this.


Ferment for 30-60 minutes (depending on the temperature).


Rice cooker with cream and dried nuts.


Pour the fermented noodles into the rice cooker, add raisins, wolfberry, etc.


Transfer to cake stall.


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