Laba eats ice, willful ice tea, refreshing fire

Laba eats ice, willful ice tea, refreshing fire

The weather is cold in winter, everyone will want to eat something warm, but Laba Festival has a very “willful” traditional custom-eat ice!

It is said that Laba Bing can cure all kinds of diseases. The ice that comes from this day should be kept short, so that the children can have a happy eating ice.

Today, let’s try things together and make a refreshing mint iced iced tea with Laba Bing!

Mint Sydney Ice Flower Tea Ingredients: 2 pears, dried chrysanthemums placed on top of jasmine tea, 1 gram of mint leaves, honey, water amount. 2. Put the dried chrysanthemums and jasmine into the cup, rinse with boiling water, pour the tea into the ice tray after fragrant, it is best to have a chrysanthemum in each tray, put it into the refrigerator to make tea ice.Rinse the mint leaves with boiling water and let them cool naturally. Add the pears to the blender, add the cool mint water (remove the mint leaves), beat the pear pieces, and then filter the pear residue with gauze. 4. Pour the mint pear juice.In the cup, add some honey and add two pieces of tea ice to replace.

It is a traditional custom for Laba to eat ice. Be careful not to eat too much. As the saying goes, “Laba is frozen to death.

“The most common custom of Laba Festival is to drink Laba porridge, but eating Laba Bing in the north is also an important part of Laba Festival in traditional customs.

There is a saying in the saying “If you can’t succeed in the coming year, look at Laba Bing first”.

In the early morning of Laba, people still went to the river and the spring to smash the ice, and carried it home, which is called Laba Ice.

Whoever gets up early and hits ice first will be lucky.

It is said that Laba Bing can cure all kinds of diseases. The ice that comes from this day should be kept short, so that the children can have a happy eating ice.

Of course, adults also eat.

Interestingly, no matter how you eat, you will not have diarrhea.

Women use “La Ba Bing” this day, and the noodles made from bowl beans and green scallions are scattered.

Of course, these claims are just traditional customs. Laba Bing cannot really cure all diseases.

However, due to the severe cold in winter, most of the foods eaten are hot and dry food, and people are prone to various symptoms of fire. Therefore, in the winter diet, moistening and reducing fire is also the focus of attention.

Appropriately eating a small amount of ice in Laba Festival can not only enjoy the fun of the off-season, make fun of the festival, but also properly calm the fire and balance the body’s yin and yang.

Of course, you ca n’t eat more ice in winter. For people with cold stomachs, diarrhea, and elderly people, children, pregnant women and other special groups, pay more attention to eating less or not eating.

Healthy adults can eat ice properly, but eating too much ice can easily lead to a drop in body temperature and it is slightly difficult to be metabolized. Therefore, remind everyone that eating ice in winter is very interesting, but it is not recommended to eat more ice.

Differentiate eating ice. In winter, you can eat more moisturizing and clearing ingredients or hydrating ingredients, such as Sydney, Tremella, Honeysuckle, White Radish, Lily and other ingredients. Choose more steamed, stewed and other foods, and eat less oilDeep-fried, grilled and other foods, control of alcohol, substitution of spicy foods, drink plenty of water and eat more fruits can effectively improve the body’s heat.