Give you another chance


Give you another chance

Where to go?

It’s going to be maddening for a long time.

Now people always love to say: “There are thousands of possibilities in life!

“I don’t know, this 10,000 kinds of choices will make us fall back in the turn.

銆€銆€As a woman, it seems to be more choices than men.

In love, I am wondering if I have chosen talent or money?

“After getting married, I thought: “Is it still necessary to transform him?”

“Is it necessary to decide before or after 30 years old?”

“With children, I am troubled.” Which is heavier in family and career?

“Returning to the workplace after childbirth, but found that “the rivers and lakes” wolf smoke, you have to decide which team in the workplace “enclosure” station?

銆€銆€This may be the real life, choose while walking, and move forward in contradiction.

And this is just fair enough, so that every time we get through, we have experienced vertical choices and pay.

When I remembered the class reunion, a classmate who had two children in the United States showed off to a classmate who chose Dink. “When I am old, my grandchildren will enjoy my family.”

“Dink” classmates laughed calmly: “I don’t have the income you got after you are old, but you don’t want the hard work that you have caused in the latter half of your life.”

In the final analysis, we are the same!

“So, there is no right or wrong answer to the choice of life. Some of them are just balancing themselves, otherwise there will be no peace and satisfaction.”

銆€銆€Going to the wedding a few days ago, the bride and groom are remarried.

The groom is very lyrical at the wedding: “Thank you for your fate, let me meet my beloved again in my lifetime!

“The bride said: “Thank you, this time I made the choice I wanted, I believe this choice is correct.

“It’s awesome.

I admire the bride. She holds her life in her own hands and understands the true meaning of choice – listen to my inner voice and choose choice as one more opportunity than others.

銆€銆€Don’t worry about making a decision, and cherish the right to choose. This is a gift from life.

At any stage of life, let us have the opportunity to explore, inquire and correct our hearts again and again.