Six ways to keep tea healthy

Six ways to keep tea healthy

Tea leaves, sprouts.

Mu Shike, love monks.

Carved white jade, Luo weaving red yarn.

The former yellow core color, the bowl turns dusty.

He was invited to accompany Mingyue after the night, and ordered to face morning glow before the morning.

After washing the ancients and the modern people, we will not be tired.

-Tang poet Yuanzhang tea is a kind of good health products. It is said that the Shennong era existed in the life of the Han people. It has been more than 4,700 years and is an indispensable daily necessities for the Chinese for thousands of years.

Tea is a plant that is edible, detoxifies, and prolongs life, so tea is the essence of heaven and earth.

In addition to its longevity, lowering blood pressure and fat, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, laxative and other effects, tea also has many little-known effects.

1. In addition to bad breath, drinking tea often can get rid of bad breath, and it is better to include the tea leaves in your mouth to remove bad breath.

Commonly used strong tea gargle also has the effect of removing bad breath.

2. For treating athlete’s foot, use boiled tea water to soak your feet, it is best to use green tea, keep pressing it, and you will get the ideal result.

3. The mosquito repellent will dry the soaked tea leaves and ignite it in the evening. The mosquito repellent effect is comparable to mosquito repellent and will not cause any harm to the human body.

4. Care of hair After shampooing, take tea water to wash the hair, remove oil and dirt, make the hair more black and beautiful, soft and elegant.

5. Grow eyelashes Use cotton swabs and tea, and gently apply eyelashes to increase eyelashes.

6. Remove a cup of tea from the dark circles, put it in the refrigerator, and take it out after 15 minutes.

Use this tea to soak a cotton pad and apply it to the eyes to remove dark circles.

Note: Do not drink tea after taking alcohol; dog meat, lamb, eggs, sugar, etc. should not be taken with tea.