Children often eat fish and have more benefits, and the body harvests 4 big benefits, but 3 such fish are touched as little as possible!


Children often eat fish and have more benefits, and the body harvests 4 big benefits, but 3 such fish are touched as little as possible!

Fish is a very nutritious food, it can strengthen the brain, so many parents like to let children eat more.


Extending lifespan A new study, observed after 16 years, found that eating fish can indeed help people live longer.

Researchers have found that ingesting beneficial fats in fish can reduce mortality by 27%, and those who insist on eating fish live two years longer than those who don’t.


The diet that promotes the development of omega-3 fatty acids is particularly important for pregnant women and can promote the development of hypertensive brain and nervous system.

In 2007, a study published in the British medical journal The Lancet found that eating 3 per week?
Four foods, including seafood inside the liver, can significantly improve the intelligence level, verbal ability and athletic ability of the baby after birth.

Protecting skin fish oil has many benefits for the skin, which can regulate oil secretion and help moisturize.

In addition, studies have shown that eating more fish can protect the skin from UV rays, which helps protect skin collagen, thereby preventing skin from sagging, wrinkles or sagging.


Preventing diseases and eating more fish during childhood can effectively prevent diseases.

A Dutch study of multiple children shows that at 6?
Children who start eating fish within 12 months can reduce their risk of developing hypertension by 36% by the age of 4.

The researchers concluded that this may be related to the fact that eating more fish helps fight inflammation.

Although there are many benefits to eating fish, there are three kinds of fish that you can’t let your child eat. Do you know?

Come and talk to everyone today, let’s take a look.


Canned fish artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and other additives have a very bad influence on the body, and almost all additives can be added to the can, and some canned fish are very dirty or even contaminated.The human body will have an impact, and the child will not be able to eat it.

Moreover, after the fish is made into canned food, the nutrition is greatly lost, and there is no nutrition for the child to eat.


Sashimi children have poor gastrointestinal resistance, raw foods can easily cause diseases, and may also cause parasitic infections. Parasites may be present in sashimi, and sashimi in many places isDirectly placed in the refrigerator, so that it does not play a sterilization role, will seriously affect the child’s health.


Fish squid eats miscellaneous things. It is an omnivorous animal. In places with high food chains, it mainly eats organic debris and aquatic insects, and also eats some living organisms. Some say that mice and small fish are extremely hot.At that time, the same kind of corpse will be eaten, so the squid will have a large volume of toxic and harmful substances, especially heavy metals.

Heavy metals can cause a lot of damage to the body after eating into the body.

There are many benefits to eating fish, but parents should pay attention to the above three samples and do not give them to the children, so as not to cause discomfort to the child.