Not everyone needs night cream


Not everyone needs night cream

Beauty experts say “Sleeping Beauty” is absolutely correct.

During the day, the skin undergoes metabolism in a harsh environment. Its biggest enemy is the erosion of sunlight, dirty air, and parasites.

It was different at night.

According to long-term observation research by dermatologists and dermatologists, it is found that from 11 pm to 5 am, the time when skin cells grow and repair is the most vigorous. At this time, the speed of cell division is about 8 times faster than usual.The absorption rate of nourishing products is particularly high.

At the same time, a study showed that the skin loses water more easily at night than during the day.

Therefore, before going to bed, you should apply a thick layer of lotion on your body to prevent water loss and increase the silky, silky elasticity of your skin.

  The efficacy of the night cream is a deep moisturizing night cream, a full-effect repair night cream . The reputation of various night creams has been included in the multi-effect function of the night cream, which has the functions of repairing, nourishing, and whitening.

Because it is designed for the skin state at night, so nourishment, the ingredients contained are more “nutrition” than day cream, and it is easy for the skin to fully absorb.

  Night cream also has skin quality. If it is oily, if you have too much skin oil, you can choose a refreshing night cream; if you have dry skin, you must choose a night cream with a high degree of moisture; it can even be used as a makeup cream in the morning.

  The best time to apply night cream should be after washing your face or shower, and when the skin is dry.

Because the skin’s blood circulation is better at this time, the absorption efficiency of skin care products is also higher.

  Skin during the day: uneven skin tone, dullness, dullness, and dullness in the afternoon. Even foundation can not cover pigmentation. Night skin solution: Choose a night cream containing antioxidant vitamins C and E: due to sun exposure andThe combined effect of air pollution, your skin is constantly undergoing oxidation process, resulting in skin dullness, pigmentation and other phenomena.

Night creams with vitamins C and E can improve this phenomenon.

  Day and night skin: skin is loose and depleted, fine lines are faintly visible, and daytime laughter will be darker than in the morning. Night skin solution: choose a night cream containing anti-aging vitamin A components: Vitamin A series metabolism has been proven to be aEffective and gentle anti-aging ingredient.

The night cream itself has preventive permeability and has great potential for skin care.

  Skin during the day: oily, easy to grow, even pimples. Night skin solution: choose a night cream containing a strong moisturizing factor: make the skin feel comfortable and effectively prevent the skin from peeling easily in the morning.

  Use night cream TIPS: TIPS1: Not everyone needs night cream. Young skin, strong metabolism can provide basic moisturizing and no need to use night cream; and if the skin shows dehydration, dullness, aging, metabolism slows down, or evenWhen problems such as poor elasticity occur, it is necessary to dispatch the skin with the best absorption capacity and give the needed moisture and nutrition.

  TIPS2: Night cream 1 is not always needed 1 People with excessive skin oil secretion are not suitable for night cream, or choose a refreshing night cream.

  2Mixed skin does not need to use night cream every day, or avoid T-zone when using.

  3 It is not necessary to use a nourishing night cream when the weather is hot or the temperature is high.

  TIPS3: Be careful of excessive oil supplements Although the skin needs oil supplements at night, it should not be excessive.

If you do “large oil” treatment for your skin for a long time, the oily skin is prone to the phenomenon of “grease”.

If this happens, you need to adjust the use of night cream to let the skin adjust and recover.

The specific method is to switch to a low-fat night cream or use a low-fat night cream every other day. At first, the skin may have some tightness and it will adapt after a few days.

  TIPS4: Don’t use the mask as the night cream, of course, there are conditions.

Most of these products are labeled “washable”, the size is not particularly heavy, and in addition to moisturizing and cleaning, there are one or two other effects such as whitening and anti-wrinkle.

Night cream is mainly a product that can nourish, moisturize and soothe the skin, but the mask is different. The skin care products containing general nutrients should be rich, mainly for deep skin care.

If you use the mask to nourish the skin all night, too much nutrients will make the skin overwhelmed, it will become sensitive in light, and will lose its resistance in the heavy, easy to develop acne and spots.