Cracking blackhead care rumors


Cracking blackhead care rumors

In response to the strawberry nose, women’s thinking is so broad that they can use everything, but does each one work?

Not necessarily.

If the basic guarantee is not met, many processing methods are stunned.

  Blackheads mainly refer to the black dirty things in the pores that some girls also have on their chins on our noses and wings.

It is a kind of open acne that is caused by the oil or dander secreted by ourselves after being oxidized and darkened when it encounters the air, but cannot be discharged in time.

  Its causes are not complicated, but there are many related problems.

For example, inadequate cleansing, large pores, oily skin, and weather factors will all make blackheads worse, and the most terrible thing is that it always comes and goes, and when it goes, it will form a vicious circle if it is not handled properly.

You also have that experience. It looks clean after being squeezed and cleaned with external force, but it appears again within a few days. This is largely related to your inappropriate care methods.

  One of the wrong cares: There are many girls who like to squeeze out blackheads with acne needles, and for the part of the nose, they use a lot of force to scrape.

As everyone knows, in this process, the power of acne needles is extremely great. If you use external force to open the pores hard, you will cause skin damage. If you cannot recover immediately, the pores will become larger and larger, of course, you will love to accumulateGrease becomes blackheads.

  Wrong care 2: Massage with salt or sugar. This method of exfoliating is conceivable. It works only on the surface layer, because the principle is to rub the skin with the edges and corners of salt or sugar to take away the excess of the epidermis.Secretions, but without the extra pulling power, so of course it will not take away the blackheads that are hidden in the pores.

Therefore, long-term use of this method will help reduce blackheads by making the skin delicate, but the immediate effect can not be complimented.

  Wrong care 3: Hot rice balls stick to blackheads Many women know this method and think that hot rice balls are extremely sticky and can stick blackheads away. They also contain enzymes and vitamins, which soften the skin and reduce the occurrence of previous blackhead problems.

This latter one is true, but its “stickiness” effect is exaggerated.

The ratio of this stickiness to the power of blackheads rooted in the pores is not enough to handle it all, so if you think it is effective, the black things on the rice balls are really just the surface dirt.

  Essentials for Correct Blackhead Care: 1.
Use the heat to let the pores open naturally, rather than using brute force, instead of applying heat with steam or a towel.

Brute force only hurts the skin, making it difficult to heal itself, and you will find that when the pores naturally open, the blackheads will span the arch and cleanest.

At this time, even with acne needles, it can be done lightly.

  2.Products that use strong suction will work.

Whether it is a professional blackhead removal product or the egg inner shell film that everyone knows, their common point is that they all have a strong suction force, otherwise they will continue to tighten and have a suction force during the drying process.The black head, deeply pierced in the pores, was uprooted.

  3.Immediately after cleaning, use shrink water to shrink the pores. Otherwise, if the pores lose their elasticity after being injured, once the pores become enlarged, they will become easier to hide and become a breeding ground for keratin and oil.