The health of the girl after 90, eat one every day, eat the vitality full score


The health of the girl after 90, eat one every day, eat the vitality full score

Because my mother’s words and deeds, I have always believed in the effect of food supplement.

It turns out that she often cooks bird’s nest for me to eat at home, but it takes a lot of time to dip, tear, rinse, and cook. I don’t have time to get it myself.

Later, my husband bought the Thai Shuanglian Concentrated Instant Bird’s Nest, which can be eaten when opened, and it is very convenient to go out.

Originally, my mother said that she did not have the best cooking. After the test, she felt that the quality was good, the entrance was particularly smooth, and the taste was fine and there was no impurity.

After 1-2 days, insist on drinking a bottle of beauty and anti-aging, enhance body resistance and regulate metabolism.

Recently, she has entered her new product, Jiji Liangyan Collagen Powder. The light mango taste is very good. I don’t hesitate to start with whitening beauty!

The superoxide dismutase Glisodin (SOD) inside is called the best nutrients in the skin, which can help restore the skin’s bright white luster and is 10 times better than glutathione.

1-3 times a day, directly oral, I will prepare some in the bag, the time of eating will not be very fixed, think of it and eat one.

Usually do a good job of sunscreen, and then eat collagen powder, to ensure that it is not black and white and translucent!

There is also Coenzyme Q10, which acts on the heart and brain blood vessels. This health girl is too familiar with this ingredient, and often sees it in the health products that parents buy.

It activates the nutrition of human cells and cellular energy, enhances human immunity, enhances antioxidants, delays aging and enhances vitality.

It also helps to maintain the normal immune system, and has antioxidant effects and integrated detoxification, converting harmful toxic substances into harmless substances, excreting 100% natural L-glutathione in vitro, for all ages.The people are very friendly. After all, the pressure on young people is so great. Even if you don’t want to keep your cup, it’s necessary to secretly raise a life.

My mom especially likes this, saying that the effect is very obvious, the whole person’s mental state is very good, sleep has also improved, and now directly arrange the steel straight male dad also eat together, haha!

If you are afraid of trouble or you have not studied it intensively, it is recommended to choose some kind of final health care products. It turns out that their distribution ratio is more professional, comprehensive, and technically more sophisticated.

In addition, bird’s nest and collagen powder will be eaten together, it is not easy to forget, but also bring the effect of bird’s nest to play more.

Especially nowadays, I often face the air quality and the situation of second-hand smoke. I need to come up with a set of health care, whitening and beauty, and screaming and muttering twice, doing more with less!

Already succeeded in joining the health package with Amway girlfriends. Now, if there is nothing to do, they will remind each other to supervise, and shopping will not think about drinking milk tea?