Meal proof food mix


Meal proof food mix

With people’s attention to health, the nutritional level of food is more and more recognized, but most people are concerned about the nutrition of a single food, such as “the role of kidney beans in kidneys”, “eat more bitter gourd can lower blood sugar.”Lu Chunjing, chairman of the Nutrition Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, told reporters that from the perspective of modern nutrition science, two or more kinds of foods, if properly matched, will become nutritional supplements, complement each other and exert their health care.The biggest effect, however, has been ignored by everyone for a long time.

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“Examples like this are everywhere in our lives. Wang Yi said that some kind of we advocate everyone to eat miscellaneous grains is also considered from the perspective of nutritional complementarity, the most typical is beans.

Beans are foods rich in protein content, but the amino acid content of different kinds of beans is high or low, so it is best not to eat only one type. Mixed eating can improve the absorption and absorption of protein and biological value.

銆€銆€There are many examples of mistakes caused by not knowing the nutrients of food. Lu Chunjing pointed out that some food combinations are only considered from taste and may cause health damage.

For example, some people often eat tea eggs: in addition to alkaloids in tea, there are acidic substances, these compounds combined with iron in eggs, have a stimulating effect on the stomach, is not conducive to digestion and absorption.

It is best not to add cucumber when eating the “big harvest” dish. This is especially true for Wang Yi, because cucumber contains an enzyme that will destroy the body’s absorption of vitamin C in other vegetables.

“Unfortunately, there is almost no cucumber in the restaurant’s ‘big harvest’,” Wang Yi felt particularly sorry for the nutritional loss caused by improper food mix.

銆€銆€Traditional medicine: With the fact that the food combination of food therapy is strengthened, it has improved in Chinese medicine more than 2,000 years ago. Zhang Hude, a professor of health room at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, told reporters that the main basis is the 鈥渜i鈥?and 鈥渢aste鈥?of food.
He said that Chinese medicine believes that food has “four qi” (cold, hot, warm, cool) and “five flavors” (simple, sweet, sour, bitter, salty). The principle of food collocation is cold and heat, Xin and Gan reachbalance.

銆€銆€Specifically, Professor Zhang pointed out that Chinese medicine has four kinds of conditions in food matching. The first two can enhance the therapeutic effect: First, it is necessary to match the food, that is, the food with the same performance or similar performance in some aspects can be matched to different degrees.The ground enhances the therapeutic effect of the superiority.

For example, in “Danggui Ginger and Mutton Soup”, the warming of qi and blood of the mutton and the blood and the pain of the Angelica and the warm and cold-dissolving ginger can enhance the work of tonic, dispelling cold and relieving pain, and at the same time, the smell of mutton can be removed.

The second is the fear of killing, that is, when two foods are used together, the toxicity or side effects of one food can be reduced or eliminated by another food.

For example, garlic can be slightly poisoned by mushrooms, lentils, olives, puffer fish, fish and crabs.

銆€銆€Professor Zhang said that there are two situations in food collocation that may reduce the therapeutic effect, so avoid avoiding it: First, the evil, that is, after the two foods are used together, most of the functions are reduced or even lost due to mutual restraint.

Such as eating mutton, dog meat and other warm and qi and blood food, try not to eat mung beans, fresh radish, watermelon, etc., otherwise it will weaken the former’s warming effect.

The second is the opposite.

That is, when the two foods are used together, they can produce obvious substitutions such as toxicity or diarrhea, such as honey, onion, cucumber, peanut, and goose.

銆€銆€How should we mix in life? From the perspective of modern nutrition or traditional Chinese medicine theory, it takes a certain amount of professional knowledge to understand the mix of food. For ordinary people, is there a better way in life?Is the food more scientific?

銆€銆€The chief nutritionist of the Beijing Military Region General Hospital, Li Ruifen, a famous local nutritionist, believes that the purpose of food matching is to achieve the goal and nutritional balance through the ground. Therefore, it is the most basic principle to mix different types of food in life.
For example, it has been suggested that nutritionists recommend that people eat 30-35 foods in addition to water every day.

This number seems to be many, it is not difficult to achieve, because the seasonings in food such as pepper, aniseed, etc. are considered one of them.

In addition to “more”, we must also pay attention to “far” and “miscellaneous”.

鈥淔ar鈥?means that the species of food eaten in a day is as far as possible. For example, chicken, fish, and pigs are better than chickens, ducks, geese or pigs, cows, and sheep. 鈥淢iscellaneous鈥?is vegetables, meat, and food.Eat different kinds of foods, let the nutrients work together.

銆€銆€In addition, there are some collocations that are also essential. Li Ruifen said: First, we must emphasize the balance between staple food and non-staple food.

The minerals in millet, oats, sorghum, corn and other miscellaneous grains are rich in nutrients. The human body cannot synthesize. It can only be taken from the outside, so it is not possible to eat only vegetables, meat, and substitute staple foods.

銆€銆€Second, the acidic food is balanced with alkaline food.

Acidic foods include foods containing impurities such as sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine and other non-metallic elements, such as meat, eggs, poultry, fish and shrimp, rice noodles, etc.; alkaline foods are mainly foods containing impurities such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium.Including vegetables, fruits, beans, milk, tea, fungi and so on.

Eating more acidic foods can make you feel tired, memory loss, inattention, backache, increased pain, and a certain amount of alkaline food to neutralize.

銆€銆€The third is the balance between dry and thin.

Eating only dry food can affect the absorption of the stomach and stomach, and it is easy to form constipation; while eating light is easy to cause vitamin deficiency.

Li Ruifen believes that as long as the mastery of these foods in the diet, the basic principles can basically ensure a balanced diet.