How to prevent lightning strikes when traveling in a thunderstorm day in summer

How to prevent lightning strikes when traveling in a thunderstorm day in summer

The summer weather is hot and thunderstorms are raining. At this time when traveling, especially when visiting the ancient temples in the mountains, you must pay attention to the Asian defense against being injured by lightning. Do not take it lightly.

  Thunder and lightning are a natural phenomenon caused by a sudden discharge between thunderclouds, between the thunderclouds and the buildings on the ground, and between trees on a rainy day.

Thunderstorm clouds are low, and there are negative and positive electricity in the clouds. When approaching the ground, it is easy to attract negative and positive electricity on the ground. The positive electricity attracts each other. At this time, they will form a lightning flash.”.

Lightning current is direct current, with a current intensity of tens of thousands of amperes, which lasts about ten microseconds.

The high temperature of lightning can reach 6000-10000 ℃, and the transformation at the contact point3.

An 8 mm thick iron plate melted.

When lightning occurs, water droplets vaporize due to the high temperature in the flash channel, and the volume of air rapidly expands. The strong explosion sound that occurs is thunder.

This explosion effect can split big trees, cause buildings to collapse, and can also hurt people or livestock that are too late to escape in the wild, or even cause humans and animals to die immediately.

  Lightning damage to the human body has the direct effect of current and overpressure or power, and high temperature.

When a person is struck by lightning, the current quickly passes through the body. In severe cases, it can cause heartbeat, stop breathing, and die of hypoxia.

In addition, sparks are generated during lightning strikes, which can also cause skin burns to varying degrees.

Lightning injuries also cause branched lightning striations on the human body, exfoliation of the epidermis, and intradermal bleeding, which can also cause rupture of the eardrum or viscera.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to the following precautions during summer travel: ① When it is thundering or raining, you can stop at the top of the mountain or in the high hills, and you must not continue to step on the high ground to watch the rain, not under the big trees.Avoid near poles, do not walk or intrude into open fields, you should hide in low-lying areas as soon as possible, or find a new floor or dry can avoid.

  ② During a thunderstorm, do not use an umbrella with a metal handle, take off metal glasses, watches, and belts. If you want to leave the bicycle as soon as possible during cycling, you should also stay away from other metal objects to avoid being conductive and being hit by lightning.

  ③ During thunderstorms, do not go to rivers, rivers, or lakes for swimming, boating, fishing, etc.